03 May, 2009

Meyer Culpa

Firstly, damn you for making me look up who Jacob from Twilight is. Secondly, if you need to become infatuated with literary characters, there are so many better choices. How come nobody writes love letters to Yossarian? Or Queequeg? Hell, I used to work with Tom Bombadil and the poor guy could never get a date.

Also, Jacob dies in the fifth book. Take that, Twilight fans.


Lady P said...

How could you have let that slip out! I LOVE Jacob on Twilight and now, I think I won't follow you on Twitter (snark!) he he

thenick said...

Queequeg was always a memorable character, but I felt like he got shafted when Scully's dog was given the same name (and promptly eaten by a beast).

Oscar Devonian said...

Tom Bombadil deserves to die alone.