27 April, 2009

It Rubs The Lotion On Its Skin Or Else It Gets The Hose Again

Ok, so in the time I've been running this blog I've seen references to polygamy, cannibalism and public urination, but this is a new low. Word of advice to YYY: you might want to make sure what you're saying is actually an innuendo and not just a description of animal cruelty. For instance, offering to cut off someone's skin, cure it with salt and hang it decoratively on your wall is not an innuendo. Neither are any of the following:

To the girl wearing a shirt with a horse on it, I want to cut off your feet and render them into glue. Single?

To the girl wearing a panda hoodie, I want to force you to breed in captivity. Drinks?

To the girl with the tiger print bag, I want to systematically poach your species to the brink of extinction and sell your genitals as an aphrodisiac. Coffee?

See? It's creepy.

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