28 January, 2009

One More Thing Attractive People Can Get Away With

Did anyone try explaining to this gentleman that toilet training doesn't have to involve an actual train?

23 January, 2009

The Orange Badge Of Discourage

I like where this person is coming from. They've looked at the funhouse mirror of humanity that is HLAY and they've said to themselves, "I don't want to read these things, let's take out the middle man." And I agree. So, I respectfully present the Here's Leering At You alternatives to mX's badge, for the more discerning, more sarcastic romantic.

But hey, if you're reading this blog you'd probably prefer to be left alone. And so, in the interests of journalistic balance, here are the opposites.

Click for larger versions, save to your computer and print. Good luck out there, folks.

15 January, 2009

These Aren't The Darcys You're Looking For

I'm really only posting this one because it's an excuse to Photoshop this:

In all seriousness, a literary geek and a sci-fi geek getting together? That's awesome, best of luck to you.

12 January, 2009

Who's the Dos?

Word of advice, Dos: never fall in love with a piece of entertainment journalism. I remember I once dated the "J" section of Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide, 1998 edition. Sure, we had a good thing going for a while, but in the end we grew apart, especially when she refused to see or even acknowledge films like Jawbreaker, Jason X and John Tucker Must Die.

If Only There Was A Joke I Could Make About Small Furry Creatures & Balls

Welcome back, mX.

This blew my fucking mind on the train home today. Not only is there someone willingly dressing as Pikachu (I know Galactic Circus staff have to dress up, but he still chose that over unemployment), but someone's cosplay-stalking him.

To be fair though, it must be lonely being a member of Team Rocket. You'll be talking to a cute little Pikachu, there's a bit of a spark between you, then you get eaten by a goddamned Charizard. This is the extent of my Pokemon knowledge; I'm not going on Wikipedia.