15 November, 2008

There's Probably Stalkers Overseas, Too

I'll be on holiday in Europe for the next few weeks, so there will be no updates till I get back (unless mX has greatly expanded its territory).

During that time, if you see a Here's Looking At You entry so bad it can't go unmentioned, cut it out, scan it (200 DPI or more) and send it to me; heresleering at gmail dot com. I'll do a catch-up post when I get back.

Until then, treat each other well, be kind and stop staring at that girl on the way home. It's creepy.

11 November, 2008

10 November, 2008

My Name Is Legion, For We Are Many

Given that you know where he lives and you admit that you're stalking him, isn't asking for his number kind of redundant at this point?

My Puns Can Totally Beat Up Your Puns

Gee, if only you had some way of serenading her.

Also, note to mX staff: lift your pun game. The following would all have been acceptable as a headline.

Busk A Move
Buska Rhymes
From Busk Till Dawn
I Like Big Busk & I Cannot Lie

And so forth.