20 October, 2008

Would This Count As A Bail Out?

Nothing against Asian finance girls, but it seems to me that soliciting chocolates via newspaper is not the best foundation for a relationship. I mean, there's not even a promise of anything further, no hint that it might lead somewhere, they just ask for more chocolates. Anyone that responds to that would have to be pretty gullible.

Then again, there are two of them...

15 October, 2008

At Least They Weren't Stomping The Yard

How the hell do you slam dance on a train? And who calls it slam dancing anymore? I either feel too young or too old.

Also, this person wins the prize for mentioning the word "dance" as many times as possible in one paragraph.

14 October, 2008

07 October, 2008

And Get Into My Arterial Blood Clot

Seriously, what the hell, Haylee? Are you complimenting him? Romantic declarations don't usually start with "get out," unless you're Billy Ocean.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess you're not Billy Ocean.


Let me get this straight. Some guy asks you for your number. You want his number also. You think the best way to achieve your mutual goals would be to put an ad in the paper that he might not even see, rather than just give him your number.

All I'm saying is, there's a reason some of you people are still single.