19 May, 2009

Oh, That's Why The Yellow Line Is There

You have to wonder what the ensuing relationship will be like when attempted murder is the starting point.

"Honey, you remember how we met? That day you tried to kill me?"

"Of course sweetheart, how could I forget? Now drink your tea."

"Hey, why does this smell like bitter almonds?"

03 May, 2009

Here's Tweeting

At the behest of at least one fan and because it's what the kids are into these days, Here's Leering At You is now available on Twitter!

Too much effort to type in the whole URL? Don't want to change your homepage from Lavalife.com? Confused and scared by the term "RSS aggregator"? Well, worry no more! Now you can find out about new Here's Leering At You entries while you check up on the status of Stephen Fry's social calendar.

Head on over to http://twitter.com/heresleering and drink in the delicious irony of following someone who makes fun of people that are following other people.

Meyer Culpa

Firstly, damn you for making me look up who Jacob from Twilight is. Secondly, if you need to become infatuated with literary characters, there are so many better choices. How come nobody writes love letters to Yossarian? Or Queequeg? Hell, I used to work with Tom Bombadil and the poor guy could never get a date.

Also, Jacob dies in the fifth book. Take that, Twilight fans.