09 June, 2009

Insert Joke About Blue Balls

Whilst I must have missed the original one that you're replying to (or perhaps I didn't trust it since Smurfette was a creation of Gargamel), I can help you out with some grammatical issues. In all dialects of the Smurf language, the word "smurf" is the most common noun, verb and adjective. She won't understand you unless you write it like this:

If you're a smurfy, single smurfette, let me know what smurf you smurf the smurf and from what smurf and maybe we could smurf a smurf together.

Of course, the main drawback with the smurf language is that the above sentence can also function as blatant sexual harassment or condolences on the death of a loved one.


Lady P said...

hehe - or smurfity smurfity

Oscar Devonian said...

What a fantastic way to get the ladies, positing yourself as a member of the most irrtating and strangely creepy race in the kids' cartoon kingdom.